Analisis Sistem Informasi Transaksi Ojek Online ( Studi Kasus Grab Wilayah Balikpapan )


  • Adi Hermawansyah STMIK Borneo Internasional

Kata Kunci:

Online Rider, Grab, Satisfactio, Consumer


With the development of the technology today, it has an impact is changing in the life social society. A lot of business industries is starting to be actively showing with taking the advantage of current technological development, one of that is online transportation services. With the existence of online rider is able to provide convenience in life activity. The using of the Grab application is a bit complicated for new user, who uses this application, such as; the entering of location information when to order the food is using the Grab Food application. The objective study is to know the development of online rider, the customer satisfaction, online rider transaction, the development of technology is influencing of the basic rider to move to the online rider, the driver satisfaction and The profit, The online Rider on salary system. The Type of this research is a qualitative research. In this research is focused on consumer satisfaction, service, customer satisfaction, profit to rider. The results of this research is shown that the transaction on Grab where to get convenience in the transacting with the Grab, It cooperates with other business companies, likes; the Ovo in the salary system for Rider. The Rider is on Grab will get the additional Income if they are getting the target is setting by the company to order to prosper the Grab rider. Grab has a very positive impact of the reducing in the number of unemployment in the Indonesia. The application system is using of the cellular data, so there is not need to use PULSA for ordering




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Hermawansyah, A. . (2021). Analisis Sistem Informasi Transaksi Ojek Online ( Studi Kasus Grab Wilayah Balikpapan ). Proceeding KONIK (Konferensi Nasional Ilmu Komputer), 5(1), 28–31. Diambil dari